The 100-word KeySmart review

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On of my favorite purchases of the last couple of years has a CyberMonday offer, so I’ve finally decided to post about it. The premise is simple: KeySmart will hold your keys in a tight, small place. And yes, these are my keys in the photo :)

I got it so that I no longer make a jingling sound when I’m running (one of the most first-world problems out there, I know…), but it’s really handy in every-day use. Lots of times I’m not sure I carry they keys on me or not anymore. I have the smaller version that fits 2-4 keys but they’ve got options for up to 50 keys now, USB storage and more.

Use discount code MONDAY10 to take $10 off any order over $30
(affiliate link but I would be sharing about this anyway)

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