Look! 8, a social network that wants to pay you money.

weare8But this one seems a bit more serious. WSJ features 8 (weare8.com), a new social network launched in closed beta these days. 8 promises control and compensation over ad revenue to content creators.

While we’ve heard this many times before (just google “social network that pays you“) and more recently a lot with Tsu, 8 two differentiations on the monetary part:
– You can control which ads show up on your profile
– No MLM pyramid scheme

On the content part, the description on the spartan splash page seems to target YouTube creators more and WSJ mentions existing deals with Hollywood actors, famous designers and chefs.

I’m still hesitant to trust a business proposal where the content creator can earn 80% on ad revenue (not profit) and the network can survive and pay it’s investors on 20%. The ad business is not *that* lucrative…

Read on: New Social Network 8 Promises to Share Revenue With All Users – CMO Today – WSJ

Update: I requested a beta invitation on their website and received one after a few hours. The beta characterisation is accurate, this is a work in progress. Many parts of the functionality are missing. In regards to ads and controls around them, there is a notice that they are coming in May. They are also promising automatic import of content from other networks and have already in place some analytics (page views, referrals of visits, etc).

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