The crime of getting the cheaper Apple product


The prices for the Apple Watch have been announced, and in typical Apple fashion, the standard version ($550) of the Watch can use any kind of strap, including the sport one, whereas the sport version ($350) can only use the sport strap. Because, you know, FU dear customer for wanting to get the cheaper option of our product line.

Here’s the math. The non-sport bands start at $150 (at this price you can get the Leather loop, the Classic buckle or the my favourite, the Milanese loop). At $350 for the sport edition + $150 = $500, you would basically have two watches, a sport one and a regular/fancy/business/whatever one. But that’s not allowed for the entry-level customers. Instead, you’ll need to buy up the $550 model which includes one the above band plus $50 for the sport strap. A total of $600 instead of $500.

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