How to build a stunning photo presentation

Here’s two things in one: a) a great set of New York photos and the locations to take them from, and b) guidance to developing an awesome photo/portfolio/whatever presentation.

First head over to ReadyMag’s New York Photo Guide, enjoy the photos and absorb the user-friendly experience. From clear icons to keyboard shortcuts to AJAX-powered per-slide URLs to multiple ways of navigation, the attention to detail is a welcome change of pace from your average website.

Then head over to Anton Repponen’s blog for some behind the scenes details on how this was built using ReadyMag’s platform (in private beta, you can request an invite)

Now I just need to plan that trip to N.Y… :)

Update 24/12: since the posting, ReadyMag’s service platform is out of beta and now costs $16/month for unlimited usage. 

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