Blogger and the Holy Grail of unified comments

// So yesterday Google announced  a further integration of Google+ comments and Blogger. If you enable the related setting, if your Blogger post is shared on G+, any comment on the G+ post with your post will also be shown in the page of the Blogger post in the comments section.

This is a Holy Grail for comments on Google+ for people like who use Google+ as a blogging platform, as you can have all (public) comments from re-shares on your original post both to read (if you have many re-shares usually you just don’t follow discussion there) as well as respond to.

So this is a post written and first posted on Blogger at I’m not sure where this will lead as not everything is peachy.

First of all, I’ve been looking for some good premium themes that would have the same look as my current setup at but have not found anything decent. Any suggestions here would be great.

The other issue I see is that, when you share a new post to G+ at the time of publishing (while you’re on Blogger), you actually create a G+ post which contains a link to the blogger post. This mean that my current G+ followers, who were used to seeing my full posts (complete text and image) on their stream, will now see just a link (and perhaps some intro that I write while sharing). This is less compelling to click through.

On top of that, I would not be able to share a Blogger post on G+ communities without being marked a spammer :) Currently it is generally acceptable to share your own G+ post in a community since you’re still keeping people on the platform and they can read the full post inline. See the screenshot above for a terrible “inception” effect :)

So as it is, I’m sceptical on whether this could work. My G+ audience is well, on G+. Send them to Blogger in order to have all discussions in a single place could actually be counter-productive. Thoughts? :)

[Update] When someone replies directly on your Blogger post (not through a share), you get a notification on Google+ :)