Now this IS parallax!

// I'm not a big fan of parallax scrolling sites. Mainly because it is CPU-intensive which means that you will have people with a bad experience and by definition you are constrained to a small number of "pages" which means that you can only use it for small sites and you can't upgrade such a site easily (you will end up re-designing it). 

But this 2012 wish card mini-site of Soleil Noir is simply beautifully done: 
– Vertically scrolling that makes sense: the content is linear (you're supposed to read each page after the other) and extremely short so quick flipping through it is actually needed as opposed to clicking on a menu where the use pauses to think about what he needs to do
– Animations are not only part of the scroll but continue after you've reached a key point giving the impression of a "live page", an element of nature that you're there to experience 
– URL changes according to where you are and a navigation menu is on the right (for some implementations, these are details to be ignored as not overly needed)

See the site here
Got any good examples of parallax scrolling that parallax is just used because it's trendy? :)