Must download: Best of Quora

// If there is a site that you could say "let's convert this into a book", it is probably #Quora . So it's great that they just come out with a collection of 100 of their best responses form the last 2 years. 

The 400-page   #book is available for download as a free #PDF and is split in 18 categories, including food, education, international, law, life advice, literature, music and more.

The #technology part includes: 
– Paul DeJoe's answer to #Startups: What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?
– Steve Case's answer to 1995-2000 Dot-Com Bubble: What factors led to the bursting of the #Internet bubble of the late 1990s?
– Kevin Systrom's answer to #Instagram: What is the genesis of Instagram?
– David Cole's answer to Video Games: Am I missing out by not playing any video or console games?
– Ramzi Amri's answer to Steve Jobs: Why did #SteveJobs choose not to effectively treat his cancer?
– Tim Smith's answer to Steve Jobs: What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?
– Peter Clark's answer to Silicon Valley Company Culture: Which of the Hogwarts Houses does each of the Gang of Four companies correspond to?

The best thing about the book is probably that is written by people who never intended to write a book or become authors. Their intention was to provide an answer to a question out of their experiences and knowledge without any financial or other motive. 

Download the Best of Quora here
If you prefer to read this on your browser or want to check out the full discussions, see the list of the actual pages here

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