New year resolutions motivator: Lift for iOS

// As usual for this time of the year, you might be thinking about doing all those you always wanted to do like start reading more books or working out or even be a better person. 

If you're missing on #motivation , there's (more than one actually) app for that. Following the recent trend of #mobile   #productivity  apps that allow you to digitize your life, #Lift has the goal of helping you create new habits. 

It packs the following features
– Track multiple habits
– See the activity of other people tracking the same activities as you and interact with them (give "props", comment)
– Connect to Facebook and Twitter so your friends can have motivate you or mock you if you don't keep up with your goals :)
– Everything is public: if you don't like this, you can of course use a nickname and not login via Facebook/Twitter. An option to hide your profile has been promised
– Add notes for each activity, view a calendar of your streaks
– Notifications for reminding you to keep up with your habits
– Free, without ads

More about Lift on their website
For an alternative without the social/privacy element see the Way of Life app If you're using another app for the same purpose, let me know in the comments! :)

New year resolutions motivator: Lift for iOS

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