Social media cross-posting with Fotostat

// I've been expanding the number of social networks I use, almost like an addict lately :) So I've been looking for a way to administer my addiction in an easier way. I had an automation between G+, Twitter and my WordPress blog (so I was only posting on G+) and additionally was cross-posting to Facebook and LinkedIn through Hootsuite. 

Today I'm trying out +Fotostat, a new service currently in beta for posting your photos (but also text, this post was written on fotostat) as well as gather statistics about them. To copy the service's description: 
– Save time by scheduling your uploads to multiple social photography sites, blogs and merchant facilities.  
– Discover how well each photo is performing by seeing all available statistics from each of your networks.  
– Interact with your followers by commenting across all your sites from one easy to use location.

The service works very nicely: you first connect to your networks and your existing photos are imported to the service so you already have statistics on your content so far. You then can post new content, selecting each time to which networks you want to post to. 

Currently supported are Google+ (Publishing to albums only, no post creation as yet.), Facebook, Flickr, 500px, Smugmug, Tumblr and WordPress. The effort is headed by +Daniel Treadwell, developer of the G+ to WordPress plugin I have been using for over a year now, so I'm sure there are lots of improvements to come. 

Try it out for free at