Awesome Google Maps fail

// Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on #Apple's #map failures… :) 
Link to the see it for yourself
And Bing getting it right 

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I am usually pretty pleased with Google Maps, but surely there has to be a faster way… I know there were border issues, but I thought they settled those, and imagine you could go through a closer country regardless… anyone know why this would be the case?

Edit: Read comments for more examples, such as those from +Nigel Fish and +Wayne Radinsky, like this one where the pins are both in Vietnam, within 0.12km and it is a 750 hour rerouted drive:

Edit, potential reason, thanks to +Jennifer Luzio:
"Google hasn’t actually operated in China since early 2010, when they decided they would no longer censor search results on That move came after Google sustained a cyberattack originating in China, designed to steal the GMail information of Chinese human rights activists. The Chinese government has long denied any involvement.
Users in mainland China can still search using Google Hong Kong."
from SearchEngineWatch
More on the cyber attack:

Either Google is purposefully avoiding China or they have such a lack of quality sourced data that they choose to avoid China.

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