How not to do an auto-responder campaign

Think before you press the auto button

A few days ago +SitePoint send me a new offer for their new CSS Anthology book. I happily access their site and request a sample chapter which arrives promptly. A few minutes later I am the proud owner of the book (I even posted about it here

The next day, I receive a mail from SitePoint titled "Did you receive your Sample Chapters okay?", a nudge to remind me about the book and possibly purchase it. Wait, I already did!

Then another few days pass and I get another mail titled "Some more CSS Info for you." and starting with this text:
A week or so ago you downloaded the sample chapters from "The CSS Anthology, 4th Edition – Take Your Sites To New Heights," And you also heard Rachel Andrew (the author) sharing her insights on writing the book." Yes, I did. It's amazing.

At this point I feel like a fool :) I shouldn't have bought the book right way since there are so many other offers SitePoint has for me! Of course I have now clicked the unsubscribe link which I'm not sure if I have unsubscribed from getting more of this auto-responders or just all promotional mails for new books, but it's not like I mind much.

Bottom line, if you're going to automate a series of mails to people, it would be good to put some thought to it and revaluate if the people still meet the criteria you set for them to be included in the first place. E.g. your bots should be a bit smarter than A.W.E.S.O.M.-O. ;)

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