Mail your WordPress posts with Postie

#WordPress has a "post by e-mail" feature included, but it's fairly basic: you only enter the access information of the e-mail address you are going to use and then pray it all works. #Postie is the same feature on steroids. Here's what more you can do it with it:
– Test your configuration to see that WordPress can connect to your account
– Setup how often the e-mail account will be checked for new mails
– Configure who can use the feature and setup e-mail alerts (so even if your special e-mail is found, no spam ever gets posted on your blog)
– Set default category and tags
– Filter the content of the message
– Option to setup galleries or choose a template on how to display attached images
– Options for videos and other file attachments.

You can pretty much leave everything on the default option for a start. You just need to create an e-mail address that only you will know and set it up on the first tab of options. Then whatever you mail to that address will be posted, with the subject as the title and the contents of the message as the content of the post.

You can get Postie at

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