If Google bans Google

In an excellent move of fairness, the Google Chrome page no longer appears on the organic results for "browser".
Here is a screenshot (G+ doesn't allow me to add another photo on this post any more)
Here is Matt Cutt's post on the matter
It would be nice if they also stopped the paid ad for Google Chrome from appearing on the top spot of the results by the way… :)

will it break the internet? :) Apparently Google has been paying for blog posts about Google Chrome, against it's own rules for the rest of the internet. On the issue:

The original article by SEOBook
Article on Search Engine Land
Google's "Paid Links" guidelines
Google says it's the marketing firm that did it

Damn marketers! We told you, "NO EVIL"! :)

P.S. I love the quote from Search Engine Land: "So what have we got? Google’s paid for a content-light post that’s not a review of Google Chrome, nor a review of how Google Chrome helps small business, pushing a video that also doesn’t show how Google Chrome helps small businesses."