How to import your Google+ posts in WordPress

It's not actually any kind of magic, thanks to Google+ API and developer +Daniel Treadwell we have the the Google+Blog WordPress Plugin which you can find here

The plugin is free with a backlink which can be removed for a well-worth $10 (Hi Daniel, I'm currently waiting for my download link :)). Installation is as easy uploading any #WordPress plugin. You will need two pieces of information:
1) a Google+ API key which you can get from (first enable the Google+ service from the list of all Google services and then you can find your API key on the "API Access" page
2) Your Google+ ID (the number in the URL of your profile)

The plugin works like a charm, it imported 200 posts and a few hundred comments in a seconds :)

[Update] Note for the future: one thing missing from this plugin is the ability to add attached images in the WordPress media library so that they can have their own page and comments. Here is the relevant function (just need to find some time to experiment now :))