This looks very very nice :)

This looks very very nice :)

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Wow, ThinkUp looks amazing! Now you can archive, search, and analyze all your activity on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+… in one place – "extract all your posts and conversations from behind walled gardens of social networks and place in your very own garden!" Congrats to creator +Gina Trapani, and to +Anil Dash and the team at Expert Labs!

ThinkUp is a free open source app that you host on your own server. The app allows you to:

*Store your conversations at a permalink on your site
*Visualize social media activity
*See how far a retweet or share of your post traveled
•Put your conversations on the map
*Sort your friends and followers by activity and popularity
*Search and export your data
*Embed a conversation on any web page

See these posts for more:


+ReadWriteWeb ("This isn't a review; this is a public service announcement. Go get it.") ;)

Get the app here:

+Lifehacker says: If you have a web server, installing ThinkUp takes about the same amount of effort as installing WordPress. ThinkUp's system requirements (PHP, MySQL) are the most basic and common for consumer web hosting packages, and the installation process is three steps.

Example ThinkUp's:

+Gina Trapani
+Leo Laporte
the White House –

Tweets about ThinkUp:!/search/thinkup

Will you give ThinkUp a try?! :)

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