Have you ever contacted Amazon's support?

I had to contact #Amazon #support on two separate issues yesterday. Both where of the type that the only thing I could do was contact support (in one case actually the error message said "contact support to do this").

In both cases it seems that noone read my message and I was just sent a canned response as if the issue was me not understanding what a big "change payment method" button does. Only thing, if someone with a brain instead of a robot had read my message it would be obvious that this wasn't the issue. And I would have gotten a solution sooner (in the second case I'm still waiting for the human response).

Is this standard procedure for Amazon?

Update: Tired of waiting, cancelled order and made a new one at www.bookdepository.co.uk
Very nice shop, a straightforward checkout experience, although they have recently been bought by Amazon so it's unclear how long they will continue to exist :)

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