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Google+Blog: Google+ posts and comments for WordPress

With the huge amount of interest surrounding my Google+ Blog concept on, the number one request was that it be made available as a WordPress plugin. With so many people asking for it, how could I say no?

What does it do?

Google+Blog will automatically retrieve your public posts and the comments associated with them and display them as normal WordPress posts, along with all your Google+ comments. They will also include any media that you have added to your Google+ post (photos, albums, articles and video). It will update every hour or so (providing you have people going to your blog) and will not require any intervention from you whatsoever.

Can I see it?

+Colby Brown has been kind enough to help me finalise the plugin and has also integrated it into his blog. He has a separate page that just displays his G+ posts and their associated comments.

Check it out at:

What options does it have?

The plugin is quite configurable with the ability to easily change your API Key, Profile ID, Post History (how many historical posts are imported), WP Post Status, Categories and Tags.

How can I get it?

There are two versions available for download, one free, the other paid ($10). There is no limitation placed on the free version, but it does contain a link at the bottom of your imported posts. I have put a lot of work into this and don't believe that $10 is too much to ask for the version without a link.

The plugin can be downloaded from

Usage and terms

This is only the first release of the plugin and it will be updated on a regular basis. I welcome feedback and suggestions and strongly encourage bug reports. It has undergone testing, but I am not liable for any problems that are caused by this plugin.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, add it to WordPress via the Plugins menu and activate it. Finish setting it up under 'Settings' -> 'Google+Blog Options'.

If you need further integration message me and we will see what can be worked out.


You will need to sign up for a Google+ API Key before you are able to use this extension. To get one, go here: If needed, create a project then flick the Google+ API switch under Services. From there your Simple API Access key will be available under 'API Access'.

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