A pig in the sea and other social network gripes

Yes, it's a pig in the sea. Photo by Eric Cheng

Good day, here are two gripes from my morning browsing…

1) Photos on Google+ are sharing-un-friendly
Try to share a photo to Facebook (or wherever for that matter, a service that will try to extract data from the URL): No proper title (example: the author’s name and/or part of the description), no description (photo caption), no image (the photo perhaps?!) can be matched (or is declared with proper meta tags)

2) Facebook really needs to learn about this amazing concept of people OPTING IN to new features… Got this in the mail today:

Hi Markos,

We’re trying out a new feature to reduce the amount of email you receive from Facebook. Starting today, we are turning off most individual email notifications and instead, we’ll send you a summary only if there are popular stories you may have missed.

You can turn individual emails back on and restore all your original settings at any time.

The Facebook team

It seems to me the a***** persona that media and that movie have attached to Zuckerberg is a) probably true b) has expanded to become a modus operandi in the company he created…