Trying out Adobe Edge (Adobe Edge brings Flash design to HTML5)

For all the talk of how HTML5 will be the future of the Web, and how, in particular, it will replace Flash for rich interactive and animated content, the reality is that the technology is out of reach for a lot of the designers and animators currently using Flash. While HTML5 developers are working directly with JavaScript, SVG, CSS, and other technologies, Flash designers enjoy a high-level environment with timelines, drawing tools, easy control of animation effects, and more. With Edge, released in beta Sunday, Adobe is striving to bring that same ease of use to HTML5 development.

I downloaded it and it seems interesting, but my first test seems to be a bit… “uneasing”. Check it out. I guess that’s why they call it a “Preview version”. The revolution will have to wait a bit….

Full article: Adobe Edge beta brings Flash-style design to HTML5 | Ars Technica
Download: Adobe Edge homepage

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