Jesus Christ, learn what Netiquette is

Scene #1: A university researcher decides to do a survey on HR practices in the Greek market. He tracks down the contact e-mail addresses of 317 Greek companies. He then decides the best way to disseminate his request for participation in the survey is to send a single mail with all 317 e-mails in CC…

Scene #2: 40 minutes later, one of the recipients decides this is an excellent opportunity to advertise his company. He then figures out that the best way to do it is to reply to the e-mail with all 317 addresses kept in CC…

I’m taking bets on how many will reply to the e-mail to
a) also advertise their services
b) complain (to all 317 recipients) that they don’t want to be mailed again

On second thought, I think i’m going to a survey on this subject. I first need a list of possible participants… ;)

// Reading material for the day: RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines

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